The Caretaker: The Haunted Ballroom

The Caretaker: The Haunted Ballroom

Again Caretaker, because this is one of my favourite track by him. It's from Selected Memories From The Haunted Ballroom album.
@lilmagoolie in spite of the rain :) teenager mainly wanted to hit the malls anyway, went to haunted house & Currumbin animal park.

Curled up on the sofa watching most haunted, yey

Come to the conclusion that Lauren's house is haunted as her shower has just turned on by itself

Long day. Haunted WV village, manicotti, pounds of junk food, and staying at a $40 motel with the two I love.

@BryanTeoLockOn @JINGJIEEE @VROOOOMY @BBOYdarREIN @contemnamour @BBOYsmerv no what the shit. water theme haunted house best.

Hanging out in my friend's house near Philadelphia on the West Coast. It's totally haunted.

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