Haibane Renmei - Blue Flow - Blue Flow

Haibane Renmei - Blue Flow - Blue Flow

Web: radiomanga.net jbestmusic.blogspot.com http Blue Flow ANIME: Haibane Renmei - Blue Flow OST: Haibane Renmei - Blue Flow(2002) [audio] Haibane Renmei (灰羽連盟, Haibane Renmei? lit. Ash Feather Federation, translated by the author as Charcoal Feather Federation) is a 13-episode anime series based on the work of Yoshitoshi ABe. It began as an original dōjinshi comic series, The Haibanes of Old Home (オールドホームの灰羽達, Ōrudo-hōmu no Haibane-tachi?), but this was quickly superseded by the anime[1] and was never completed. The anime series was also broadcast by Animax in its respective networks around the world, including its English networks in Southeast Asia under the French title Ailes Grises (Grey Wings). The series follows a young (presumably teenage) girl named Rakka, a newly arrived Haibane (灰羽, Haibane?) (an angelic-looking being), and other characters in the city of Glie (グリ, guri?), a walled city with one gate through which no one inside is allowed to leave. The music for the series is composed by Kō Ōtani. Source:wikipedia.org
【灰羽連盟:第2話 「街と壁・トーガ・灰羽連盟」より】 2012/04/22 10:00

【灰羽連盟:第6話 「夏の終わり・雨・喪失」より】 2012/04/22 04:00

【灰羽連盟:第3話 「寺院・話師・パンケーキ」より】 2012/04/22 06:00

RT @crmfd: 成る程…あれはトーガが運んで来た物だと思って気持ちを落ち着ける事にします RT @toriwakame: しかし中古屋がないと灰羽は買い物をすることができないという… RT @crmfd: ブックオフに灰羽連盟のブルーレイボックスが置いてあったことが今日の一番悲しい出来事。

【灰羽連盟:第5話 「図書館・廃工場・世界のはじまり」より】 2012/04/22 05:00

【灰羽連盟:第13話 「レキの世界・祈り・終章」より】 2012/04/22 09:00

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