What's The Apps: Adobe iPad Apps

What's The Apps: Adobe iPad Apps

Jon Q takes a look at at some Photoshop companion applications for the iPad made by Adobe. Adobe has created the "Color Lava," "Nav," and "Eazel" apps to help enhance the experiences of graphic artists and amateurs alike. But do they work?
@solarnum Adobe Ideas.

Ha!! Sekarang di setiap ff di blogku ada posternya~ masih sederhana sih, tapi entar kalo udah jago make adobe, it'll more great!

sumpah mata aku dah berpinar tgok ADOBE ILLUSTRATION ni...adoiii..

I typed "Adope Photoshop" instead of "Adobe Photoshop" I'm so dope 난 너무 예뻐요 I'm so fine 난 너무 매력있어 I'm so cool 난 너무 멋져 i'm so so so dope dope

I hate how sometimes you have to download adobe flash player to watch videos.

Не указан, отдам в обмен: adobe photoshop cs3 eng Меняю

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