MTG - EDH: Captain Sisay (Intro + Lands)

MTG - EDH: Captain Sisay (Intro + Lands)

My Captain Sisay EDH deck! This will cover a brief intro and the landbase of the deck. Rate, comment, and subscribe!
@jasoninthehouse I watch ALL Sub/CoMITTe Mtgs.. You, Rep Gowdy & Chair Issa are giving me a glimpse of WHAT is right w/ America. YOU r that!

@Tayytta they have been spreading videos of ppl who actually are cid police in PTI mtgs and showing them as Tiger group etc. Dirty games

@LynnUSportsMgmt: Just noticed your shout out on my winter mtgs piece. Thanks. :)

@thekapman Looking 4ward to all the earth-shattering, eye-popping, jaw-dropping, baseball news you're going to report next wk! Winter mtgs!!

@DaveKetter @joshcalvetti Oh, sure. But mandatory mtgs? Would that actually work? Difference between schools maybe (Duq/Genv)...

Is being late really THAT effing bad? Why do ppl get soooo worked up about it?! Esp for informal mtgs!! #angrypanda

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