Study Abroad in Thailand - Living in Chiang Mai

Study Abroad in Thailand - Living in Chiang Mai

For more information visit This video provides an overview of Chiang Mai, Thailand as a place to live and study abroad. Study abroad students from the USA and Payap University staff talk about their experiences living in Chiang Mai. Nestled in the northern hills of Thailand and considered to be the cultural heart of the country, Chiang Mai is a true blend of traditional life and modernity. Explore some of the 300 temples, practise your Thai with some friendly bartering at the city's famous night market or simply unwind with a traditional Thai massage. Your weekends can be spent trekking the mountains that surround this city, visiting one of the many traditional hill-tribes in the region or taking in a live rock band at a local disco. Chiang Mai is a vibrant destination with all the modern attractions of a big city combined with the graces of traditional Thai life. Program Highlights - Study at Payap University in Chiang Mai through The Education Abroad Network, the cultural heart of Thailand, home to many traditional Thai festivals - Live with a Thai student roommate in modern, on-campus housing - Innovative academic program includes overnight field trips to traditional hill-tribe villages - Volunteer opportunities at a local orphanage or teaching English to young Buddhist monks - Learn the Thai language at Payap University's beautiful campus - Study with students and professors from all over Southeast Asia in Thailand's cultural capital ...
@snkooa25 今ラオスぬけて、チェンマイ~そのぴかえってきたと?

@chi_cco おとといチェンマイでマロンちゃんと会ったよ。ライブは聴けなかったけどちょっとしゃべった。こんど京都に行くときはヴィレッジに行ってみます。

@RaycoKondo チェンマイ初めて行ってみたけど、すごく良いところだったよ。タイはやっぱり刺激が多いし、食べ物も美味しいしお勧めです。



VBSのDVDはー?(T_T)←しつこい。 八木×隆二またみたいよー。隆二のチェンマイみたいよー。

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